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Guest Photographer feature: 
“Discover Krakow through Szymon Madej's Eyes.”

"What I love about panoramic photography is that you are always being able to sit down and get inside the scene, reliving the moment and exploring details you might have missed before"


AYRTONA native of Kraków, Szymon "Zbooy" Madej graduated from the Jagiellonian University in 1994 and has been working in IT ever since. He discovered his passion for photography in 1980 and seems to have been faithful to it for the last 30 years, in the meantime passing some of it to his son, Jakub. 

Doing panoramic photography on a non-commercial basis allows him to have something he finds invaluable: a complete freedom of choice, be it of subject, composition or mood. He feels equally well when capturing the fleeting moments (recently during the funeral ceremonies of Polish President), and when exploring some dark nooks of an old wooden church. An avid mountain hiker and small town explorer, Szymon always has his panoramic equipment ready, and his greatest rewards are approving comments on his site, panoramy.zbooy.pl.   

» More about Szymon Madej can be found at: http://panoramy.zbooy.pl/

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